What are Space Moveable Rooms?

They are architecturally designed “micro dwellings” built on the SPACE assembly line and delivered complete to site.  There are two ranges  -  LivingSPACE™ which are small buildings based on traditional kiwi homes with pitched roofs and WorkingSPACE™ which are more contemporary with flat roofs.

What can they be used for?

SPACE rooms can be used as extra rooms at home, home offices, holiday pads, or small business premises and much more.

What is the price?

Please contact us directly and we will send you an up to date price list (this can be done online with the ‘Request Price’ form).

How do I order one?

Contact us directly on 0800 PH SPACE (0800 747 722) or fill out the ‘Request Price’ form online and a Space Moveable Rooms representative will contact you to continue the process.

Where can I see one?

The best place to see us is at the Space Assembly Line at Bush Creek near Arrowtown.  We are also at Shows around the South Island from time to time and with Rooms being located all over NZ we have a growing number of proud SPACE owners happy to show their SPACE unit.

RENT/ BUY / FINANCE  - what is the best option for me?

When you fill out the Request Price form online we will send you an up to date price list which includes the price to BUY, the weekly cost to RENT and the weekly cost to FINANCE to own a unit. 

1. RENT:  All payments are made in advance and paid by automatic payments directly from your bank.  Payments are made fortnightly in advance.  You do not need to pay a bond but you will need to cover the cost to transport to your site which will be quoted to you before proceeding.

2. BUY:  All units require a 20% deposit upon acceptance of your order and our terms of trade agreement.  The balance is required upon completion of the construction of your unit before being dispatched to site.

3. FINANCE:  We have aligned ourselves with a NZ-based finance company that can finance your new SPACE unit (just like you might do with a new car).  The standard finance option is based on a 7 year term and a SPACE representative can take you through the application process.

Do I need a building consent?

Each SPACE unit is consented by Queenstown Lakes District Council’s regulatory arm, Lakes Environmental and will have it’s own Code of Compliance (subject to some limitations).  Should your local territorial authority require a foundation consent, all SPACE Moveable Rooms come with a foundation plan detail which can be submitted to your Council.  Contact a SPACE representative to discuss any particular issues  -   foundation consents are generally simple and straightforward and we can assist with the process where necessary.

How do I get power and water to the unit?

This is different with every space unit location. Typically your site will be serviced by the local council and you can organize the connections with local contractors. If your proposed site is in a remote location you may need to add upgrades such as water storage, solar power, and sewage facilities etc.

How long will it take to get my SPACE unit?

In most cases your SPACE unit will be ready to be delivered to site 4 weeks from the date we receive your deposit.  If our production line is fully committed or you have purchased in Dec / Jan this 4 week manufacturing time may change – we will advise you immediately of any adjusted time frame.  Delivery to site is typically 5 working days following the completion of manufacture and final payment for the unit.  Exact times will depend on where your SPACE unit is being located. 

How much is shipping?

We have preferential trucking rates and can organize delivery to your chosen location.  The cost will be included in your sales quote and includes transit insurance.  You are also free to arrange your own transport ex the SPACE assembly yard.  

Can I make changes?

We have a number of upgrades available which can be discussed with your SPACE representative (e.g. upgrade from corrugate to cedar cladding).  Please be aware that some changes may not be able to be accommodated due to bracing and engineering requirements under the building code. 

Do I get gutters and downpipes?

We can supply steel gutters and downpipes as an optional upgrade with your unit.  These will require fitting on-site which is a simple operation for a handy-man to complete.  We cannot fit gutters ex the SPACE factory as they will damage in-transit.

Do you include the furniture?

On the floor plans we have shown furniture to give you a sense of the internal proportions and a suggestion of how the unit might be used.  Beds, couches, tables and chairs are not included with your SPACE unit.  When you fill out the Request Price form we will supply you with a full specification along with the price list.